Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Timid or Careful?

Nowadays, we think ZX has become more & more timid…

Scenario 1:
A few weeks back, we brought him to the Malay barber. He started crying once we’re at the front door and refused to get into the shop. So, we didn’t force him.
We’ve been asking him for many a times since then and all his answers were “No! Bu Yao!” and shook his head vigorously. How how? Are we going to let him keep long hair like a girl? :P

Scenario 2:
In the hot weather these days, ZX has scratched himself pretty badly until he’s got skin infection. And again at the clinic’s front door, the whines started. It also took me a while to persuade him to let me carry him inside the doctor’s room. He hung onto me ever so tightly and cried…. All the doctor need to do is take a look at his skin… I wonder why he’d behaved like that? Was it because of some bad experience? He used to be so good when seeing doc.

Scenario 3:
At the playground, ZX’s always careful and slower than the other kids. 2 weekends ago, he was playing the slides happily, but just this last Sunday, he’d sit on top of the slide and dared not come down on his own unless I went up there and let him down. Sigh…

And so I wonder…

~ MamaBee is clueless … hoping this stage will pass too.

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